Singletrack Trails employs a dedicated team of trail builders and specialists with decades of cumulative experience as conservation corps and volunteer crew leaders. Because of their love for trails and the outdoors, Singletrack Trails staff understands how to build memorable trail experiences. As a result, our staff creates what they would want to experience themselves; a reflection of their dedication to trails and their love for the outdoors.

greg mazu singletrack trails founder

Greg Mazu: Founder, Chief Encouragement Officer

Greg is the president of Singletrack Trails, Inc. with 14 years of experience. His specialties include on-site trail layout design, meeting with local user groups and providing the main equipment and labor supervision for trail construction. He is familiar with working on hybrid style contracts that include partnerships of trail contractors, volunteers and the local government entity. A mountain biker at heart, Greg has spent the majority of his trail building career working on shared-use, non-motorized trail systems.

James Flatten: Chief Project Wrangler

James Flatten joined the Singletrack Trails crew in 2007.  As the Chief Trail Supervisor, he is now responsible to ensure that projects are completed on time and exceed expectations.  His career as a dirt shaper was packed into prominence as the Lead Course Designer and Chief Builder for the Ranchstyle Mountain Bike Festival near Grand Junction, Colorado. Knowing how to build competition courses for the 1% of mountain bikers and extrapolating that knowledge to build dirt jumps, pumptracks, and rhythm trails for the 95% is James’ specialty.  He has been adding the “free” to freeride trails since 2002.  With James on the project in charge of dirt shaping, everyone will be happy.

Aaron Cholewa: Project Wrangler

Aaron Cholewa joined the Singletrack Trails crew in 2013.  As the Site Supervisor, he is now responsible to ensure that projects are completed on time and exceed expectations.  His career as a trail construction professional began like most as a volunteer.  Combining his recreational passion of mountain biking and he enthusiasm for advocating for the sport, Aaron be working with the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers Association. Aaron continued his passion for trail construction after moving to Fort Collins, CO to attend Colorado State University.  He joined the Singletrack Trails to pursue a career in the outdoor recreation industry and has been essential in the growth and expansion of the services offered by Singletrack Trails.

David Barnett: Business Development & GIS Manager

Over 25 years of experience in information technology, geoscience, mineral exploration and geographic information science (GIS), contributing to successful projects through results driven process improvement, implementation of modern technologies, strong communication skills, professional customer support and on-going career development.  David is a certified professional geologist, GIS professional, web map developer and FAA licensed remote pilot.

Bill Taylor: Staff Engineer

Bill has a vast background in planning, design and construction of hydraulic and transportation projects. His experience includes design of highways, bicycle and pedestrian facilities as well as drainage and water resources infrastructure. Bill has over 25 years of experience ranging from residential and commercial site development and construction to highways, bridges, pipelines and stream restoration projects.

lunch loop park

Singletrack Trails Crew

The Singletrack Trails construction crew is composed of passionate trail users and dedicated mountain bikers. The crew works for Singletrack Trails to feed their addiction to providing smiles to the trail users that come down the path later on. They have extensive supervisory experience as conservation crew leaders as part of Singletrack Trails. They have extensive experience as conservation corps crew leaders and as supervisors as part of Singletrack Trails. These crew members take pride in the work they leave behind and are always striving to create a desirable trail experience.