Fruita & grand junction area trails

Singletrack Trails has been fortunate to have worked in the Grand Valley of Colorado since 2007. The work in the Grand Valley is the foundation of the growth of Singletrack Trails - this is the mother-lode of all mountain biking. Grand Valley trails serve as a model for partnership, advocacy and superior riding experiences, thus drawing national and international users while creating amazing close-in daily rides for local residents. If you haven't ridden these trails, stop reading this and grab your bike.


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Lunch Loop Trails

18 Road Trails

Kokopelli Loops


Working for Bicycle Colorado as it prime trail building contractor, Singletrack Trails coordinated with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association (COPMOBA) to implement the shared-use, non-motorized portions of the Bangs Canyon Trail Plan, better known as the Lunch Loops at the Tabeguache trailhead.  Singletrack Trails planned and built with local riders the first official freeride trail on BLM land in the country, Free Lunch.  In addition to Free Lunch, Singletrack Trails provided staff labor and volunteer support to complete 15 miles of trail re-routes in the Lunch Loop area. Then we got to ride it all.


Singletrack Trails was a key partner in the construction of two bicycle skill parks in the City of Grand Junction and the City of Fruita. Each two acre park features dirt jumps, a pumptrack, and skill features to help any rider add a few tricks to their wheelhouse.

Partnering with the City of Fruita and COPMOBA, Singletrack Trails planned and help build the first trail expansion of the North Fruita Desert Mountain Bike Area, 18 Road. The six miles of flagging were approved by the BLM and implemented by volunteers from COPMOBA and staff of Singletrack Trails, paid for with funding from the City of Fruita.  The crown jewel of this part of the project was PBR Trail, a linear 2 mile pumptrack that was completed in time for the 2012 Fruita Fat Tire Festival. Fun was had by all.

Lunch Loops Trails

  • High Noon
  • Pre-Nup
  • Gunny Loop
  • Gunnector
  • Ali-Ali Loop
  • Raven’s Ridge
  • Free Lunch
  • Lunch Line
  • Pucker Up
  • Moto

18 Road Trails

  • PBR
  • Mo’ Joes
  • Zip Off

Kokopelli Loops

  • Hawkeye Trail
Fruita Women's Mountain Biking