Following Singletrack Trails on Social Media

In this age of social media, there are many different manners to learn about new things from Singletrack Trails.  We are not a large company.  So trying to get information out through each and every social media outlet is just not feasible.  Here are the few that we have picked.

Blog/RSS: This blog that you are reading this post on right now is sent out into the internet via really simple syndication or RSS.  Don’t have the time to visit Singletrack Trails on a regular basis?  You can click on this link or the orange symbol on the upper right of the page to get the URL to paste into news reader such as Feedburner or Google Reader.  This is a great way to keep track of multiple sites that post information in one central location.

Facebook:  Singletrack Trails recently created a Facebook page.  The content is growing on a weekly basis.  The information here will be quick tidbits about the current project, how to find more information on Singletrack Trails projects, or trailbuilding industry news.

Flickr: Singletrack Trails prides itself in taking high quality trail images to promote its work or trails in general.  All of the slideshows on this blog are of Flickr sets.  Follow us on Flickr to get notices of the newest images as soon as possible.

Vimeo: Though not as great for SEO ranking as Google’s YouTube, Singletrack Trails likes the user interfaces and high quality rendering of Vimeo.  Follow us on Vimeo to add our latest videos to your homepage.