Starting 2012

2012 is running strong and it is time for Singletrack Trails to move out of the hibernation of office work and into the world of trail building.

During the month of February, we assisted Applied Trails Research in Georgia on a 200+ mile trail assessment on the entire Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.  This was a very intense project that included a total of five other trail construction companies.  We will have post up to recap the project soon.

After the Georgia project, we attended the Professional Trailbuilders Association member’s meeting in Albuquerque, NM.  It was great to see member’s from across the country in one location.  Singletrack Trails and Applied Trails Research to present a learning session on the benefits of GIS and GPS in trailbuilding and planning.

Next on tap is some overall website modifications and marketing campaign.  This winter saw the death of the email newsletter that never seemed to get out on time or have a diverse amount of information.  However, Singletrack Trails recommends you use a feed reader such as Google Reader and follow this link.

In addition to project updates, this blow will start to offer more tutorials on how to use trail tools, tool reviews, and GPS technology.