Granby Ranch in the Fall

During 2012, the Sulphur Ranger District in Grand County, Colorado has been trying to manage a fire mitigation forest thinning project near Winter Park and Fraser.  Without much success of keeping trail users out of the logging areas, the ranger district has been “forced” to close a large section of exceptionally popular trails and hunting to the general public.  This closure is a great time to explore other trails in Grand County.

A great area to explore is Granby Ranch near Granby.  Singletrack Trails was contracted by Granby Ranch during 2012 to complete a couple different projects.  One project was to create sustainable re-routes on Vista Ridge and around a mud bog on Cabin Trail.  These two sections of trail are a great example of how narrowing the trail tread from 10 feet to 3 feet can dramatically increase a trail user’s sense of intimacy on the trail.

The lifts will stop spinning soon, the cross country trails will remain open until the snow flies.  The Aspens are starting to peak in fall color and the air is crisp but short sleeves are still comfortable.

What more info on the Forest Closure check out Headwaters Trail Alliance and the Grand Mountain Bike Alliance.

For more info on the riding at Bike Granby Ranch click here.