Glendo State Park Construction Begins

Singletrack Trails began construction at Glendo State Park in Wyoming recently to create more sustainable shared-use trails. This project is a continuation of the work that we completed in 2010.  Glendo State Park is 100 miles north of Cheyenne, WY and 1.5 hours from Curt Gowdy State Park.

Work this year will concentrate on building trails near the Two Moon Campground to connect to the existing trails near the reservoir overlook. The project also includes constructing a bike progression area around the Two Moon Campground and a large pumptrack.

There is currently about 14 miles of trail on the ground at Glendo State Park. Singletrack Trails will be working with Wyoming State Parks to complete approximately another 6-8 miles of trail this fall. The connectivity of trails to the Two Moon Campground will make Glendo State Park a great destination for families and large groups that want to camp with trail access immediately nearby.

Here are some photos from the work so far.