Glendo Archery Trail

In 2011, Singletrack Trails completed a re-alignment of the Curt Gowdy State Park Field Archers Course.  The previous trail alignment was a series of fall line trail segment between the shooting area and the target butt.  Wyoming State Parks tasked Singletrack Trails with the challenge of creating a sustainable trail alignment that included the same amount of targets and the same distances for shooting.

On a recent trip to Curt Gowdy State Park to enjoy the mountain biking on a beautiful fall day, I checked out the Field Archers Course Trail.  Unfortunately, I did not see any archers using the course, but I did see increased hiking traffic on the trail.  During my brief time on the trail, I encountered four different groups of hikers using the trail to enjoy the beautiful vista of Granite Reservoir.

This unexpected rise in hiking traffic is a pleasant surprise to diversify a trail that seemed to be single use.  Hiking and field archery are two diverse user groups that can enjoy the same trail.

Here are some photos from 2011 of the construction process.

Here a couple photos from September 2012