Geotagged photos update

New for 2010 updates will be geotagged photos updates.  This will allow you to see a track of the trail under construction and where on that trail the photos were taken.  This feature utilizes Google Maps and Flicker.  Viewers will  be able to see multiple photos at a specific location by clicking on the photo on the dialog box that appears.  Then a link to the Flickr set can be followed to see the other Singletrack Trails photos and sets.

Geotagged images will also aid the NEPA and layout services that Singletrack Trails offers.  Photos will accurate appear on maps provide by Singletrack Trails as a deliverable product to show locations of potential cultural impacts or areas that will be difficult to construct.

Here is an example of what is to come in future.  This map is from a recent research trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.  These photos are hosted on my personal Flickr stream, but you can see the existing Singletrack Trails photostream here.