A new season dawns

The winter hibernation is nearing its end. The final touches are being put on the first couple projects of the 2010 trail construction season for Singletrack Trails.

Exciting developments in project creation are currently in process. Singletrack Trails is currently working with several land agencies to put the finishing touches on contracts for the 2010 building season. If you have a project in mind, then now is the time to contact us to discuss your idea. We are happy to complete your project in partnership with local volunteers or regional youth corps. Using the staff of Singletrack Trails to oversee the completion of your trail construction project will take a good quality volunteer built trail to a high-quality, sustainable, shared-use trail.

Also, we are back in the blogging mode here at Singletrack Trails. Project updates will not be happening for a couple weeks as we mobilize as the snow melts. However, we have plenty of updates for what to look for this coming season and some archived video footage from the 2009 season to share.